‘special offering’ from Dr. Mensah Otabil of ICGC’s 2017 edition of Greater Works

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Dr. Mensa Otabil - Head Pastor of International Central Gospel
Dr. Mensa Otabil – Head Pastor of International Central Gospel

Social media users have sent a barrage of attacks in the form of innuendos due to the ‘special offerings’ being requested by a pastor at ICGC’s “Greater Works” Conference -The seem to have been some misrepresentation with people attacking Head Pastor, Dr. Mensa Otabil for the viral special offering picture Greater Works is an annual program organized by the International Central Gospel. This year’s edition has had some controversy attached to it by some social media users.

Yesterday, a picture of some amount being taken at the program as “special offerings” went viral and many it has sparked controversy among many people. Many people have in a way misrepresented the facts to mean that it was Head Pastor of the church, Dr. Mensa Otabil who was taking the said offering.

The real story behind the story seem to have been misrepresented with people insinuating that the church was using the name of God to ‘extort’ money from its members. In talking about the fact behind the ‘special offering’ it has come to light that the call to pay such special ‘seed’ was announced by Matthew Ashimilowo, who is one of the speakers at this year’s program.

It has also come to light that the special offerings which are supposed to be paid into a special account is going to be used for Church developmental projects and also for taking care of the churches Corporate Social Responsibilities.

The impression however on social media is that the special offerings are going into the pocket of the pastors which is not the case evidently.

credit: yen.com.gh