Prophet Eric Osei Frimpong Exposed the True life of Prophet Badu Kobi, How he Started Ministry Under His Leadership and Addressed Prophet Owusu Bempah issue

Apostle Dr. Isaac Owusu Bempah (Left), Prophet Eric Osei Frimpong (Middle) And Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi (Right)
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Prophet Eric Osei Frimpong  said “I just can’t believe the rate at which “the Prophet Badu Kobi and Snr. Prophet Owusu Bempah” gay issue is trending and spreading in Ghana and beyond the shores of Ghana. The enemy is up to something but the devil is a liar. The body will not war against it’s members again.

Beware of those who manufacture conversations and fabricate stories to create dishonor in ones life.

Mark those who constantly feed you toxic information! These individuals are breeders of division and carry out the plans of demons.

Prophet Eric Osei Frimpong ministries is the Senior Pastor and Founder of  Overcomers Royal Ministry Worldwide. Having a strong passion and pureness of heart, he championed his call by heeding to the Holy Spirit. Hence, raising a spirit filled Overcomers Royal for God in this eschatological age.

Prophet Eric Osei Frimpong - Senior Pastor and Leader of Overcomers Royal Ministry Worldwide.
Prophet Eric Osei Frimpong – Senior Pastor and Leader of Overcomers Royal Ministry Worldwide.



According to, Prophet Badu Kobi once said there is nothing wrong with lotto, cocaine trade. He made the following comments, which most people are using it against him:

1. Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi has said that staking lotto is not a sin
2. He says trading in cocaine is also not a sin because of the drug’s medicinal properties
3. The prophet is also of the view that the drinking alcohol moderately is not a sin.

“I wish to state categorically that staking of lottery is not a sin. Pastors who go about demonizing lottery get it wrong because most of them even take part in several of such. Most of these pastors apply for the American lottery and enter into several raffles but don’t see them as sinful. Lottery is purely business just like any risk-taking business so it can’t be termed a sinful act,” he said.

Watch Lottery and cocaine business is NOT a SIN – Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi

Like wise Prophet Owusu Bempah, also made a lot of comments and mistakes as a leader and General Overseer of Glorious Word Power Ministry International.

The battle of the PROPHETS: “I Will Collapse Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi’s Church” – Prophet Owusu Bempah said so.


Apostle Dr. Isaac Owusu-Bempah, brewing tension between men of God, Prophet Nigel Gaisie and Rev. Owusu Bempah is heightening as the younger preacher has threatened to make a shocking revelation about Pastor Owusu Bempah. The two, who have recently been in disagreement over who will win the 2020 general elections.

Prophet Badu Kobi, Head Pastor of Glorious Wave Church, has stated that he will always be grateful to Reverend Isaac Owusu Bempah for spiritually mentoring but still there fight going on between their boys.

From reporters, All the above things gave the public the ability to talk any how to the churches, Pastors, Prophets, Evangelist, Apostles, Teachers etc.


Source: – Ghana Churches News Portal