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Prophet Nigel Gaisie - Leader of the True Word Prophetic Fire Ministries
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Prophet Nigel Gaisie is the Leader of the True Word Prophetic Fire Ministries, TWPFM (Grace Chapel) Worldwide with its head office in Accra, Ghana.

He is a Major Prophetic, Word and Healing gift to the body of Christ with a Mosaic Mandate to impact the world and bring the body of Christ back to a place of prayer and restoration of divine destinies via Christ Jesus.

Prophet Gaisie is a fire-brand Prophet of GOD and has a vibrant travelling & radio ministry across Africa and the world called VOICE OF DESTINY, (TV and Radio)his travelling ministry has seen him demonstrate the power of GOD to thousands of people at various ministries such as Resurrection Fire Chapel,International Glorious Prayer Ministry, Revival Temple Ministry, Gilead Healing and Deliverance Ministry, Action Chapel, Seedhouse Sanctuary, Victory Bible Church Of God, ICGC, True Word Prophetic Outreach Ministry amongst a few. He speaks to presidents of nations thus political leaders and all sections of the class of humanity…In Ghana and outside its boundaries!!!

His ministry is replete with healings,deep & accurate prophetic ministration,deliverance,creative miracles and above all a reconciliation of people to GOD.

He teaches and preaches the unadulterated word of GOD without any compromise and with a great deal of passion and courage!!!

Prophet Gaisie thus a young man of dignity and intergrity is a great believer of the Bible to the core and the demonstration of the grace and power available through the Holy Spirit is his hallmark.He does not believe in the selling of items in the house of God,I.e..oil,water hankerch etc cos the church is not a market place or entertainment centre.

His ministry has seen him raise a people of fire across not just Africa but the world through different operations of the prophetic office (revelation of secrets of the past, the present, the future, family history, foundational errors etc). He is also gifted of GOD with the mandate to command the barren to be fruitful.

Prophet Gaisie is a radical preacher who elevates the people of GOD to their destined place by empowerment of their spiritual lives through the prayers he leads them to pray (which are not the normal kind of prayers but very intense,acidic and specific kinds of prayers based on the leading of the Holy Spirit and the word of God.His Sunday evening prophetic meetings attracts large numbers of people across the class of humanity,

By the grace of GOD, Prophet Nigel has been blessed with several Mentors in ministry amongst who are: Prophet Schambach Amaniampong, Apostle Oko Hackman, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, Prophet Albert Amankwah Boateng and Prophetess Juanita Bynum, Elias Ndeda of Kenya, South Africa.

His direct spiritual father is Apostle Emmanuel Kofi Afriyie Amoako. Through his service to the Apostle since he became born again, age 13 his calling and ministry was sharpened and made relevant.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie - Leader of the True Word Prophetic Fire Ministries
Prophet Nigel Gaisie – Leader of the True Word Prophetic Fire Ministries
Prophet Nigel Gaisie - Leader of the True Word Prophetic Fire Ministries
Prophet Nigel Gaisie – Leader of the True Word Prophetic Fire Ministries


Prophet Gaisie is a Conference Speaker,a life couch,a philanthropist,a father and has spoken at conferences across the an evident of the mercies and grace of God thus he came from a very very poor and humble background!!!He holds’ ONCE HAS HE SPOKEN BUT TWICE VE WE HEARD THUS ALL POWER BELONGS TO JESUS’KNOWING AND REVEALING JESUS IS HIS PASSION.THE JESUS AGENDA!!



Favorite Quotes

You will be but whatever you put your mind too!

When wise men get out of politics, fools will rule and decide for all.

To God be the glory for without Him we are NOTHING!

The essence of living is the ability to impact people!

Source: – Ghana Churches News Portal