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Apostle Dynamic Bright of Evangelist Bright Radio
Profile and Biography of Apostle Bright of Evangelist Bright Radio

Apostle Bright in 1990 became a born-again Christian at a prayer camp in Kojo Krom – Ghana. International Apostle Evangelist Dynamic Bright became a member of the Church of Pentecost Hamburg Germany. And later left to join Bethel Prayer Ministry as a prayer leader also in Hamburg Germany. First of all, Dynamic evangelistic Miracle Outreach […]

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Do the work of an Evangelist
Evangelism is the preaching of the Gospel – The Etymology

Evangelism is the preaching of the Lord with the intention of exposing God’s love to all mankind through Jesus Christ. The spreading of the Christian gospel by public preaching or personal witness. Christians who specialize in evangelism are often known as evangelists, whether they are in their home communities or living as missionaries in the field, […]