The Pleasant Place Church – Bishop Gideon Yoofi Titi-Ofei

The Pleasant Place Church - Bishop Gideon Yoofi Titi-Ofei
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The Pleasant Place Church, which was founded by Bishop Gideon Yoofi Titi-Ofei is 21st Century church with a 1st Century church Charisma firmly rooted in the 1st century church tradition of Exalting Christ Jesus, Edifying the Saved and Evangelising the Lost.

Another, vibrant multicultural Christian family with a strong charismatic/Pentecostal orientation jointly under the leadership of Bishop Gideon Yoofi Titi-Ofei and Lady Olivia to provide a Pleasant Place.

As a result, the weak is strengthened, the weary is refreshed, the worried is comforted, the wounded is healed, the wrestled is rested and the wasted is restored.

Bishop Gideon Titi-Ofei, wife Olivia and children
Bishop Gideon Titi-Ofei, his wife Olivia and children

Our Ministry

Almost, Romans 11:29KJV – For the giftsandcalling of God are without repentance.At Pleasant Place Church, we believe that every member has a calling and gift(s) to fulfil their calling.

So, Ministries at Pleasant Place are small service groups that allow members to discover, develop and use their gifts to serve the Lord and fulfil their calling.

Above all, The Pleasant Gentlemen, the Pleasant Ladies and the Pleasant Generation are the men, women and youth ministries respectively. Other ministries are music, prayer, protocol, outreach, children,counselling, media, audio etc

Our Name

Hence, PLEASANT PLACE CHURCH was inspired by Psalm 16:6 (NIV).

So, “The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places…”

Our Logo

Therefore, Our logo shows arrows in different colours pointing to the cross from all directions. It means we are leading different people in different ways to the same savior-the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

Furthermore, To Discover-Develop and Deploy Leaders from the church to the world and win leaders from the world to the church.

Our Mission

Finally, The mission of Pleasant Place Church is to Make Pleasant People to Make People Pleasant.

The Pleasant Place Church - Bishop Gideon Yoofi Titi-Ofei
The Pleasant Place ChurchBishop Gideon Yoofi Titi-Ofei

Get In Touch With Pleasant Place Church

The Pleasant Place Church
P.O.Box CT 170 Cantoment, Accra – Ghana.
Call: +233 2025 98 616
WhatsApp: +233 2025 98 616

Source: – Ghana Churches News Portal