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Prez. Nana Addo, Prez. Mahama, Abeiku Santana etc Displaying illuminati Signs
Bishop Bernard Nyarko, Ebony’s Father, Prez. Nana Addo, Prez. Mahama, Abeiku etc Displaying illuminati Signs – EXPOSED [Watch Full Video]

According to GhanaChurch.com analyst, America based Ghanaian Evangelist Addai, popularly known on social media platform as crazy Evangelist, who is ready to die for his believes. Addai always tag celebrities and other public figure(s) as Occultic Member of various famous societies in history. Evangelist Addai in his recent video has accused Ebony’s Father, President Nana […]

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Rev. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh (Left) and Late Ebony Reigns (Right)
Ebony repented before her Death, so Ebony is in Heaven – Dr. Lawrence Tetteh

Economist and renowned pastor, Dr Lawrence Tetteh, has reacted to the death of popular songstress, Ebony Reigns. Renowned International Evangelist, Dr Lawrence Tetteh has said his last conversation with dancehall diva Ebony Reigns before her untimely death indicates that she is in Heaven. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh said, “Ebony was with in Embassy of Hungary, when […]

Rev. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh is Economist and Renowned International Evangelist.
Profile & Biography of Rev. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh

Rev. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh is Economist And Renowned Healing International Evangelist. Dr. Tetteh is the Founder and President of the Worldwide Miracle Outreach. International Evangelist, a Teacher of the Gospel and author of many books, including ‘The Dangers of Offence’ and ‘Count Your Blessings. PhD/Research Fellow in Economics and International Relation, he has had the […]