Rev. Obaapa Christy Latest Album – W’agye Me (He has saved Me)

The Ghanaian Gospel iconic - Rev. Obaapa Adwoa Christy
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Rev. Obaapa Christy takes you to another magical holistic music, that will automatically make you
whoop with laughter in the holy spirit. Get ready to meet the Davidic dancers.

Therefore, It is only the metamorphosis in your life that can end the mockery.

Hence, this is the hour of “W’agye Me” (He has saved Me).

Above all, the music that releases holistic capacitors into your system and your body will becomes
an insulator,

therefore you do not allow the passage of heat of problems to overtake you.

Furthermore, Ace Ghanaian gospel singer, minister Obaapa Christy is set to release her latest album in the month of October 2018 through the end of the year.

Having kick-started her career a couple of years back, the sensational artist is today an accomplished artist who has carved a valuable musical niche for herself.

Obaapa is known for back-to-back gospel hits and this latest album is of no doubt another hit.

The album which is under the label of Francoba Management has six songs with W’agye me which literally means God has Saved Me, as the album title.

A legend in the music industry is promising music lovers, especially the gospel fraternity nothing but the best songs on the album.

Obaapa Adwoa Christy is the hit-maker of several gospel songs including, Ade Akye Abia, Se Wambaa, Memma Mewere Nfi, Metease, Aseda Nwom, Hyebre Sesafo, Bo Abrabo Papa and the likes.

So many gospel musicians have come and gone. Download in MP3

Listen To W’agye Me (He has saved Me) Below

The Ghanaian Gospel iconic - Rev. Obaapa Adwoa Christy
The Ghanaian Gospel iconic – Rev. Obaapa Adwoa Christy

The bloodline and the DNA of the family of “Twene” is gifted with music.

Finally, “W’agye Me” is really a “metamorphosis” and inflammable, to take you to another realms of praises according to

Source: – Ghana Churches News Portal