Official Profile And Biography Of Bishop Eric Oduro Kwapong

Bishop Eric Oduro Kwapong
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Eric Oduro Kwapong is a Christian leader, gifted Psalmist, educator, entrepreneur and business consultant.

Hence, the central theme of his message is that the manifest Glory of God is released in the Christian worship experience and brings spiritual, social and economic transformation and development in every sphere of human life.

Therefore, he addresses the urgent need of the Church to influence today’s society with the highest standards of principle-centered leadership.

Teaching that everyone’s leadership capacity can be supernaturally enhanced through their Christian devotion and worship experience.

Also, Bishop Kwapong believes that each human being’s leadership potential should be instructed, cultivated, trained, developed and deployed to make the individual an asset for personal, corporate, community and national development and transformation.

So, his ministry as a Psalmist is characterized by the manifestation of God’s tangible Presence, resulting in holistic transformation in the lives of participants in the worship experience.

Ministering for over thirty years, Bishop Eric Kwapong has been involved extensively in Church planting, and runs a leadership training

and mentoring institute for Christian leaders, Pastors, Church workers as well as corporate leaders on principle-centered leadership.

Finally, Additionally, he also runs a leadership mentoring and coaching program for Church worship leaders, Christian musicians, choir directors, singers,

sound engineers and practitioners in the Fine Arts ministry – called Psalmody & Fine Arts Leadership.

He is an author, President & CEO of Beacon of Glory International.


Source: – Ghana Churches News Portal


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