Book Launching: “The Battle of Success” – Book by Dr. Joseph

The Battle of Success Book by Apostle Dr. Joseph Mihaye
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The Battle of Success is a must read book for all and everyone that is addicted to Success. Dare to be who you are born to be in life.

Success is not made on silver platter. To get to the top that mountain, there challenges and pain to go through. That dream you’re pregnant with need to come to reality no matter what.

For it to come out of you, you must learn to discipline yourself not bowing to the challenges and the battles no matter how they look to conquer and maintain focus to achieve that big dreams and vision.

“Failure is waiting on the path to prevent from getting to that dream”.
Success comes from daring to take that small step to reach out to your next level.

There is no way you can get to your next level without crossing that Jordan or Red Sea called “Failure”. Remember I said ” The word Impossible is only found in the dictionary of a fool”.

Turn to God in prayer and let Him address your issues of Destiny. Prayer is a Necessity for survival and the Maintenance of Daily victories. The meeting place of Divinity and Humanity where issues destinies are transformed.

Apostle Dr. Joseph Mihaye - Founder ADONAI Fire International Chapel
Apostle Dr. Joseph Mihaye – Founder ADONAI Fire International Chapel

Source: – Ghana Churches News Portal

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