90% of Ghana Gospel Stars don’t understand ‘Worship’- Minister Collins Abeka

Minister Collins Abeka
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Minister Collins Abeka of ‘Adeɛ no adane’ fame has registered his sentiments on the songs selections of some Gospel Artiste when they are called upon to lead worship.

According to him, almost 90 percent of our Gospel Artiste mingle inspirational and prayer songs with Worship songs.

‘There is a huge difference between Worship songs and other songs but our Legend Gospel Artiste who are mentoring us don’t even know hence the mingling of other songs with worship songs during ‘worship’ is on the rife; everyone is doing it’, he stressed.

He added that, it is about time we sing with understanding like the Bible tells us to do.

Minister Collins Abeka
Minister Collins Abeka


Source: GhanaChurch.com | Olumanba Akwasi Kesse


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