God told me to marry you [Watch Video]

God told me to marry you
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If someone said to you, “God told me to marry you,” you’d probably laugh, or run, or think to yourself that that statement is more ridiculous than the tin foil hat they’re wearing! What’s more amazing is that there are some people that don’t test this with Scripture to determine if, in fact, they “heard” from God. Are believers being duped in the name of love?

There are instances where God providentially guided people to arrange a meeting like with Isaac, Rebecca, Leah, and Jacob.

And Hosea was told to marry a whore. But we’ve got to remember that just because it’s documented does not mean it’s instruction for us.  If we fail to understand this, then we will do all manner of weirdness and sin like handle snakes, eat babies, and expect the donkey at the zoo to answer us.

There are guidelines the bible gives when picking a mate (or friend) and we would do well to follow them. But since this isn’t a study and the verses aren’t listed, I suggest you look them up.

Mark 10:9 What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

Will God break his own commandments? If God hates divorce, will He be the cause of it? Will God instruct people to become adulterous and then condemn them to hell? Will God cause anyone to draw away from Him? If we truly know and understand God, then we will already know these answers.

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