Fountain Gate International School By Rev. Eastwood Anaba

Fountain Gate International School
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FGIS is recognized as one of the most outstanding schools in the Upper East Region of Ghana and Ghana as a whole.

Founded on Tuesday, September 7, 1999 under the visionary leadership of Rev. Eastwood and Rosemond Anaba, FGIS was established to meet a felt need for a high quality, carefully structured and above all Christ centered foundation in education in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

The school, situated off the Bolgatanga Library Road, had a good start with 107 children in 4 classes; Kindergarten1, 2, and Grades1and 2 under the able leadership of Mrs. Dorothy Akubah –Apidogo and her assistant Mr. Samuel Arthur from 1999 to 2008.

These were professional teachers who worked tirelessly with 4 other teachers and raised FGIS to an enviable position. Under the current administration, Ms Helen Adongo has been Head teacher (Pre-school and Primary) since September 2008.

One grade was added each year until the school reached the 7th grade
(Junior High School).

Fountain Gate International School - Junior High School
Fountain Gate International School – Junior High School

Primary School:
The Primary Department uses a syllabus structured by Ghana Education Service for basic schools. Other supplementary materials are added. Subjects taught include the following:

English language
Natural/Integrated Science
Religious & Moral Education
Creative Art
Citizenship Education
Information & Communication Technology
Ghanaian Language (Gurene)
Character Education

Pre-school department :
The pre-school department incorporates the Montessori Method of teaching where pupils learn at their own pace with teachers providing a structured individual approach to learning. This gives the child the opportunity to monitor his/her own progress and thus becomes self-driven, achievement oriented and creative among others The subjects taught therefore include:

Language Development
Number Work
Theme & Perception
Sensorial Activities
Character Education
Grace and courtesy
Practical Life Activities

Junior High School:
Pupils in this department are prepared towards the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) of the West African Examinations Council The subjects taught are:

English Language
Integrated Science
Social Studies
Basic Design and Technology
Religious & Moral Education
Information & Communication Technology
Ghanaian language (Gurene)
Character Education

FGIS organizes club activities in pursuance of its objective to holistically develop and release the potential of the child. These clubs are:

Drama & choreography
Reading & debate
Art & craft
Girl Guides
Zoom Kids (keeping the environment clean)
Needlework/ Crocheting

FGIS invites peoples from various institutions and professions to educate pupils about their works and achievements. These are intended to inspire pupils to work harder in their academics and also to make wise career choices. Some of these institutions/professions include:

The Bank
The Health Sector
The Police service
Environmental protection Agency
Graduates of tertiary institutions

ArchBishop Charles Palmer Buckle Visits Fountain Gate International School

ArchBishop Charles Palmer Buckle Visits Fountain Gate International School
ArchBishop Charles Palmer Buckle Visits Fountain Gate International School

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Address: Bolgatanga-Navarongo Road, Bolgatanga

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