Failed leadership in Africa cause of Libya crisis – Apostle Amoako Atta

Apostle Francis Amoako Attah – Leader and Founder of the Lord’s Parliament
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Leader and Founder of the Freedom Chapel International now Lord’s Parliament, Apostle Amoako Atta says it ‘’is about time that African leaders rise up and build a better and prosperous nations for their youth.’’ The man of God believes until leaders in the continent creates better opportunities for its youth, they will continue to travel through Libya to Europe in search of better opportunities.

Reacting to the inhuman treatment meted out to migrants in Libya by their captors, he said although some are being sold and others killed, there are others who are willing to go all because they do not have better opportunities in their home countries.

Hundreds of African refugees are being bought and sold in “slave markets” across Libya every week, a special investigative report by CNN revealed some few days ago. Many of them ended up being murdered by their smugglers in the open desert or die from thirst or car accidents in the vast Libyan desert, the report has indicated.

The President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, former President Rawlings, Parliament and other individuals have widely condemned the act. About 127 of them touched down at the Kotoka International Airport on Wednesday with some narrating very harrowing experiences. But the man of God says the young people who fall victims to the inhuman treatments do not have interest in their homeland. If we have a better country, who would want to go to Libya and be sold? We have brought some detainees back home but as I speak to you now, some are still on their way to Libya.

People are still going although they know what is going on there.
If we are able to build our nation and our continent for us to have a stable economy, I believe this thing will stop.’’ He continued: ‘’until we get leaders to help build the continent and their individual nations; we will transform.

If in this 21st century we are selling people and killing same then there is something wrong somewhere. Africa must rise up, our leaders must rise up.’’ He also urged President Nana Akufo-Addo to roll out his one-district-one-policy to help create jobs for the unemployed youth because when the youth are assured of sustainable and secured jobs, they will not risk their lives and move to Libya. ‘’When a nation is cool and calm and there are jobs available, people don’t travel,’’ he concluded.